David Bianculli http://kenw.org en Johnny Carson Gets The 'Masters' Treatment http://kenw.org/post/johnny-carson-gets-masters-treatment Johnny Carson walked away from <em>The</em> <em>Tonight Show, </em>after 30 years at the top of the late-night ratings, of his own volition. And except for a few fleeting TV appearances after he retired, he never looked back — and never went back. When filmmaker Peter Jones would send an annual letter to Carson, asking for his cooperation in a TV biography of him, the answer was always no. Mon, 14 May 2012 16:22:48 +0000 David Bianculli 11341 at http://kenw.org Johnny Carson Gets The 'Masters' Treatment 'Thrones,' 'Killing' Return ... And Revert To Old Habits http://kenw.org/post/thrones-killing-return-and-revert-old-habits AMC's <em>The Killing </em>started strong, with raves from critics and an impressively loyal core of viewers. But in the final episode of the year, when it left its season-long murder mystery intentionally unresolved, most fans felt angry, even betrayed. HBO's <em>Game of Thrones, </em>on the other hand, took a bit longer to get established, and to get as much attention<em>.</em> But thanks to some strong performances and a few bold strokes of plot, <em>Game of Thrones</em> — based on the George R. R. Fri, 30 Mar 2012 19:18:28 +0000 David Bianculli 9290 at http://kenw.org 'Thrones,' 'Killing' Return ... And Revert To Old Habits Bill Moyers Is Back On TV — And Better Than Ever http://kenw.org/post/bill-moyers-back-tv-%E2%80%94-and-better-ever It's one of my favorite TV moments of this year. On Tuesday, the night of the New Hampshire primary, Stephen Colbert had Bill Moyers as his special guest on <em>The Colbert Report.</em> Moyers was there to publicize his return from retirement and the launch of his new TV series, <em>Moyers &amp; Company. </em>Colbert booked him to help him do just that — but as his on-screen persona Stephen Colbert, the pontificating political conservative, he was there to throw good-natured verbal punches. Fri, 13 Jan 2012 17:36:14 +0000 David Bianculli 5288 at http://kenw.org Bill Moyers Is Back On TV — And Better Than Ever 'Breaking Bad,' 'Horror' Leave Viewers Wanting More http://kenw.org/post/breaking-bad-horror-leave-viewers-wanting-more If you don't want to hear details, especially about last night's season finale of <em>Breaking Bad, </em>turn away from this website now. But I consider it fair game to talk in detail about TV shows once they've been televised — especially if they're doing interesting enough work to be saluted for it.<p>[<strong>Note: If the previous paragraph didn't convince you, maybe this will: There are many, many spoilers for <em>Breaking Bad </em>ahead. Wed, 05 Oct 2011 15:23:00 +0000 David Bianculli 956 at http://kenw.org 'Breaking Bad,' 'Horror' Leave Viewers Wanting More