2:31 pm
Tue June 18, 2013

Dish and DirecTV Viewers - Please Send Your Comments to the FCC - Here's How!


We need to get this information out to as many people as we can.  This is probably the last chance for us to get KENW-TV back on DirecTV and Dish Network. The FCC is now accepting comments from the public about our Petition for Emergency Relief that we filed with the Commission on December 16th, 2014.  That appeal can be read here.  It will be most helpful to our cause for the FCC to hear from as many of our viewers as possible. 

If you would like to file a comment with the FCC on our behalf it is easy to do.  If you just want to make relatively short comments, you can click on the following link: ECFS ExpressIt will bring up a page listing the most popular FCC Docket items (ours will not be listed).  In the first paragraph of the instructions, it states if you don’t see the Docket Number you want “click here.” That is where you need to click.  When the form comes up, you simply type in our Docket Number 15-17 and proceed to fill out the short form.  Near the bottom is a box where you can type your comments about DirecTV and Dish dropping KENW-TV’s programming.  Then you hit “Submit” and you have filed your comment.

Some of you have written lengthy letters of support to our congressional delegation, Nielsen, and DirecTV or Dish.  Those documents can be uploaded and become part of your comments.  To be able to upload information, you need to go to this address:  When the form opens, you need to insert the proceeding number which is 15-17 and fill out the form as requested.  At the bottom of the form you can then upload documents that you have prepared and they become part of your comments.

The process is simple. There is no set time for filing comments in this matter, but obviously sooner is better than later.  If you know others that miss our programming, we would appreciate you letting them know how they can help us by filing comments with the FCC.

We sincerely believe that our cause is just.  We are a New Mexico TV station, partially funded by the taxpayers in New Mexico, and we have been serving those living on the eastern side of the State of New Mexico for more than 40 years, long before DirecTV and Dish even existed.  Now those viewers can no longer receive our programming if they are on Dish or DirecTV.  In a “finger-pointing” game, Dish and DirecTV blame Nielsen and “federal regulations” while Nielsen blames the FCC.  We are hoping that the FCC will understand that we are a New Mexico non-commercial public television station and we should rightly be carried on the local-into-local TV service provided by the satellite companies.

We are most appreciative of your efforts on our behalf.  Thank you so much.


As of January 1st, 2015, both Dish and DirecTV have dropped KENW-TV from the local channels of their service that covers most counties in the State of New Mexico.

We have done everything possible to keep on the air with Dish and DirecTV.  They are the ones that have dropped us with the excuse that the Nielsen Company has moved our station from the Albuquerque/Santa Fe Designated Market Area (DMA) to the Amarillo DMA.  They claim they no longer can carry our station on the Albuquerque/Santa DMA local service and blame Nielsen, the FCC, and federal regulations.  We have had all five members of the New Mexico Delegation in Washington write to Nielsen asking that KENW be returned to the DMA for New Mexico and not be in the Amarillo, Texas, DMA.  Staff members for the congressional offices in Washington have also appealed to Dish and DirecTV and the FCC on our behalf.  We have had over 5500 people sign the petition on our home web page (which you can still do if you have not yet done so), all to no avail.

We are saddened by Dish and DirecTV’s actions, but we have no power to force them to carry us.  However, we will continue to do everything we can to get back on those services.  Viewer complaints to the satellite providers probably mean more to those companies than our complaints.  Thank you for letting them know how you feel, and thanks for you past viewing and support.

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