Find out more about Cuttlefish on "Kings of Camouflage", Wednesday, at 8 pm

Jul 31, 2013

Cuttlefish are some of the strangest animals on the planet. The shape-shifting creatures can hypnotize their prey, impersonate the opposite sex and even kill with lightning fast speed. More accomplished masters of disguise than any chameleon, they have a remarkable ability to change skin color — even shape — to blend into most any background. They have the largest brain-to-body ratio of all the invertebrates. But are they capable of learning and remembering complex tasks? With beautiful underwater footage and in-depth expert interviews, NOVA gets up close and personal with these bizarre and amazing animals.

"Kings of Camouflage" on NOVA airs on Wednesday, August 14th on channels 3 and 3-1.

Giant Cuttlefish in NOVA "Kings of Camouflage."