Pop Culture Happy Hour: Grammys And Culture To Improve Your Worst Days

Feb 17, 2012
Originally published on February 17, 2012 8:57 am

On this week's show, we chat about the horror show that was last Sunday night's Grammy Awards. How do we feel about the romp of Adele and the Best New Artist triumph of not at all new artist Bon Iver? The old-timers parade? The difficult matter of how the event was affected by the death of Whitney Houston? It takes Glen all the way to the one-minute mark to make up a new word that we adore, so believe us when we tell you that there's plenty of lively talk. (Here's the liveblog Stephen and I did on Sunday night. Just try to keep up!)

After that, we take on the topic — about which we all feel strongly, and which was suggested by listener Samantha over at our Facebook page — that is the pop culture you appreciate at the end of a terrible day. (Bonus: Yet another story about me injuring myself and breaking things!) Stephen said last week that he was going to watch The Voice; let's see what happened! Trey likes opera — might that work? What about playing games? That seems like a promising idea. What about taking on something that you don't know well?

As always, we close out with what's making us happy this week, including the very well-mannered book I've been reading, the joys of Gloria Estefan, terrible trailers, and rediscovering old animation with the young and (very) animated.

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