Remember the amusement parks of years ago? Find out more on Tuesday at 8 pm

Jul 17, 2013

Long before the days of giant theme parks, the United States had many amusement parks where families gathered for a cool escape on a hot summer day. Celebrate these pre-Disney parks with visits to Playland in Rye, New York; Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana; and California’s Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, where vacationers can still reach for the brass ring on the merry-go-round. Rick Sebak narrates the special, which also checks out some old wooden roller coasters and other classic rides.

"Great Old Amusement Parks" can be seen on Tuesday, July 30th at 8:00 p.m.

Long before giant theme parks and computer-controlled thrill rides, America had lots of charming and beautiful amusement parks like Idlewild Park in Ligoonier, Pennsylvania. GREAT OLD AMUSEMENT PARKS celebrates some of the pre-Disney parks that are still thriving, as well as a few of the classic parks that are gone.