A Southwest Spotlight: Health/Fitness Tips for Busy Lives and Cold Fall/Winter Months

Nov 11, 2013

Certified Personal Trainer Jane Hamann shares simple, practical advice with "A Southwest Spotlight" host Janet Lyn for living a healthy lifestyle and staying fit and healthy, even with busy schedules and during the colder fall and winter months.

We all know we need to stay fit and healthy to live better lives. Figuring out how to do that, especially with stressful, busy schedules or during the cold fall and winter months, can be a challenge. Certified Personal Trainer Jane Hamann understands that and wants to encourage people to start where they are, do what they can and not give up in their efforts to become healthier for themselves and their families. In this interview with host Janet Lyn, Jane shares very simple, practical advice about how to work out at home, eat healthier without stressing out about it, allow for occasional lapses and become more energetic and fit, as we learn to live healthier lifestyles. Jane also talks about her experiences with running as a way to stay fit and healthy, including everything from 5K run/walks for good causes to running half marathons and marathons. You'll be inspired and encouraged as Jane shares her belief that there is always hope for everyone who is trying to become healthier. For more information, visit ACE-Certified Personal Trainer Jane Hamann's "Jane's Way" website at www.janeswayfitness.com

ACE-Certified Personal Trainer Jane Hamann of "Jane's Way" in NM