A Southwest Spotlight: Two-Time Breast Cancer Survivor Talks About Awareness, Education and Hope

Nov 7, 2013

Two-Time Breast Cancer Survivor Scotty Savage of Portales, NM, talks candidly with "A Southwest Spotlight" host Janet Lyn about her own experiences with breast cancer awareness, education, survival and hope

Breast cancer awareness is more than simply telling women to go get a mammogram. Scotty Savage of Portales, NM, knows that firsthand. In this interview with host Janet Lyn, Scotty shares her own personal story of surviving breast cancer twice to bring hope to women and families. Scotty comes from a family where at least 14 women on her mother's side, including her own mother, developed breast cancer --- and yet, like many people, she hesitated to get regular mammograms because she was afraid of what the results might be. Scotty shares her story to try to educate and encourage more women to take charge of their health, do monthly self-exams and get regular mammograms. With humor and faith, she explains what she went through and how important it is for women to have support along the way.