Top Stories: President Announces Refinancing Program; Northern Lights Dim

Jan 25, 2012

Good morning!

Our early posts:

-- Egyptians Take To The Streets To Mark First Anniversary Of Revolution

-- Google's New Privacy Policy Will Allow Tracking Across Services

-- Marine Accused In Killing Of 24 Iraqis In Haditha Will Serve No Jail Time

-- In Daring Raid, Navy SEALs Free 2 Aid Workers From Somali Pirates

Our stories making headlines today:

-- President to Offer Way for Easing Home Debt (The New York Times)

-- Chances of seeing Northern Lights dim (BBC)

-- Cruise ship captain admits 'mistake' in deposition (CNN)

-- Megaupload founder denied bail (The Washington Post)

-- Garth Brooks awarded $1 million in hospital lawsuit (CBS News)

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