Baking Made Easy on KENW-TV

Baking Made Easy with Laurenis a program brought to our viewers each week with host Lauren, whose goal aims to help educate and inspire bakers of all levels.

Lauren Groveman is an internationally-known and respected cooking and baking instructor, trusted parenting/lifestyle advisor, award-winning radio and television personality, columnist, cookbook author—and above all else— an infinitely devoted wife and mother. Often referred to as “the kitchen evangelist,” she uses her vast culinary expertise and her personal experiences to help others discover the joys of creating, and living, a “delicious” life. Her message is powerful and truly life-changing. Through her sharing of comforting recipes and a philosophy built on real-life experiences, she teaches us how to find the physical and emotional motivation to make our home lives as nurturing and fortifying as possible. And she demonstrates, step-by-step, how thoughtful, lovingly-prepared home cooking can give us immense power over the emotional, physical and spiritual well-being of our families and ourselves.