With Heart and Voice

Sundays at 8 a.m.
  • Hosted by Peter DuBois, WXXI-FM

With Heart and Voice is a weekly organ and choral music series that features recordings from around the world. Hosted by Peter DuBois, the program presents selections that span the full range of Western sacred music, from the Gothic period through the 21st century. With Heart and Voice often celebrates the seasons of the church year. However, it does not endorse any religious belief; it focuses instead on the richness and beauty of sacred music. 

  • Nov 26:  Advent 1
  • Dec 4:   Advent 2
  • Dec 11:  Advent 3
  • Dec 18:  Advent 4
  • Dec 25:  28 Hours of Christmas Music

    Local Underwriter(s)

    First Presbyterian Church