Market to Market airs Fridays, 7:00 p.m.

New MARKET TO MARKET host Mike Pearson follows in the steps of his father, Mark Pearson, who hosted the program for the past 20 years until his death in June 2012.

Market to Market covers the 100 plus billion dollar business of food, and those issues affecting the 56 million citizens of rural America.

From global trade conflicts to environmental controversies and changing technologies and emerging enterprises, Market to Market continues to explain the issues, and illuminate the alternatives that challenge rural America. The program examines the trends that confront main street, from the growth of rural outlet malls, to community-based economic development efforts, the dispersion of health care, and the growing demands of environmental regulation.

Market to Market continues to provide expert analysis of major commodity markets. Market to Market's experienced analysts provide thoughtful insight to price trends, and strategies to help producers and processors cope with changing times.