A Moment of Science

Weekdays at 1:45 pm
  • Hosted by Don Glass, Yaël Ksander, Mandy Striph

About A Moment of Science

We’ve all hit our “funny bone.” Why does it feel like that? What do bicycles, footballs, and space shuttles have in common? Can you really learn while you are asleep? Why do some birds hop and others walk? These and literally thousands of other questions about the world we live in are answered in A Moment of Science. If you are even a little bit interested in the world around you these two-minute radio programs are just for you – and you don’t need to know anything about science! These vignettes remove some of the mystery from science, but not the wonder. A Moment of Science makes you think “Wow, that’s neat!” and go tell somebody else about it. There’s no end to the topics covered, and you the listener can add to the list by sending us questions. A Moment of Science is produced at Indiana University, Bloomington, in cooperation with IU’s scientific community, and scientists around the world.