About KENW

Mission Statement
Broadcast Center

Eastern New Mexico University
Portales, NM
Fax 575-562-2590

The mission of the Broadcast Center is to provide Public Telecommunications services to the citizens of Eastern New Mexico and West Texas. The broadcast section of the Center consists of KENW-TV, KENW-FM, and KMTH-FM . These full-power stations provide programming services on a daily basis to most of Eastern New Mexico and parts of West Texas. A broad range of programming is carried on public television, including instructional programs for primary and secondary schools, telecollege courses for the colleges and universities in the area, children's programming, as well as the full Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) for the general public. The public radio schedule includes a diverse array of programming, including news and public affairs, classical, jazz, and popular music, and short informational features through the broadcast day.

A second and equally important mission is to provide a training center for college students interested in a career in telecommunications. Students from various disciplines use the Center's facilities. They receive training in various aspects of the mass media, and in turn, provide a valuable addition to the workforce of the Broadcast Center. Most students work to earn credit and to become proficient in the various skills required of a professional in the mass media. Some of the most qualified students are employed by the Broadcast Center in various operational positions. This prospect for employment becomes a motivational factor for the students, who work hard to learn the skills that will lead to their employment.

A third part of the mission is to bring to bear the considerable technical resources and expertise of the Broadcast Center to enhance the total communications efforts at Eastern New Mexico University.