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           Welcome to the 6800 Series of  Creative Living

We will start our new series of "Creative Living" shows on September 10, and the series will continue until March 2015.  Thanks again for making “Creative Living” a part of your television viewing.  

Our newest booklet is titled The 6800 Series,” and it is NOW available on this website.  Just go to the booklet section, and you can download all or any part of it.   I hope you will enjoy it.  Several of our past booklets are also available for you to download free of charge.  You do need Adobe 5.0 reader loaded on your computer in order to download any of the files, and this is a free download from if you don't already have the reader on your computer.  If you ever have suggestions for topics and/or guests, please e-mail me.  I'm always looking for new ideas. Again, thanks so much for watching “Creative Living.”

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View a segment on YouTube with Jenny Rausch  from Karr Bick Kitchen & Design.  Jenny  shares tips for choosing the right kitchen and bath products when remodeling or redesigning your home.   When you go to YouTube, just type in "Creative Living with Sheryl Borden" to see other videos.