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The first and most important step in beginning any weight-control program is to see your doctor.  If your doctor says it is all right, then you may start.

You must "really want" to lose weight in order to be successful.

You must accept the fact that there is no shortcut to successful weight control.  Fad diets are dangerous; they do not change lifetime eating habits so the weight will come right back on.  Diet is a poor way to think of weight control because the word denotes a short term activity.


Fig Cauliflower Curry

2          cups Jasmine rice

4          cups water

2          Tbsp. coconut oil

1          head cauliflower, cut into 1/2” slices       

1/2       cup Serra figs, sliced

1/4       cup pine nuts

1 1/2   Tbsp. Madras curry powder

1 1/2   cups coconut milk, full fat

1          tsp. salt

10        cilantro sprigs