March 28th: What's On Today's Show

Mar 28, 2012
Originally published on March 28, 2012 11:27 am

The Political Junkie
Newt Gingrich announced he's laying off staff and shifting his strategy in the campaign for the Republican nomination for president. His campaign insists he's not suspending his run, but many political observers labeled his move as a recognition that he likely won't win. Rick Santorum won Saturday's Louisiana primary and continues to pick up delegates, but many observers question whether or not he can stop Mitt Romney. Political Junkie Ken Rudin and host Neal Conan speak with veteran campaign manager Chip Saltsman about the decisions candidates face when their chances of winning appear to dim. The two will also recap the week in politics, from President Barack Obama's open mic moment, to the health care fight at the Supreme Court.

Pilots And Life In The Cockpit
Passengers tackled a JetBlue captain yesterday in mid-flight after he acted erratically and talked about a bomb on board. The co-pilot locked the captain out of the cockpit and landed the plane safely. Officials have not said what led to the captain's outburst, but the airline identified the pilot as Captain Clayton Osbon, a 12-year veteran with the company who JetBlue's president described as a "consummate professional." The incident focuses attention on what happens behind the cockpit door and the relationship between the captain, the co-pilot and the rest of the crew, especially when things go wrong. Host Neal Conan talks to former pilot John Cox, of USA Today's Ask the Captain column, about what we don't understand about life in the cockpit.

When Employers Want Your Facebook Password
For years, many employers ran credit checks and criminal histories on potential hires. As social media grew, hiring managers screened Facebook and Twitter accounts. Now, some employers are demanding that applicants hand over their Facebook password and give hiring managers full access to their personal accounts. Facebook warns the practice violates its terms of service and says it may sue employers who ask for user passwords. Two U.S. senators asked the Department of Justice to investigate whether employers are violating federal worker protection laws. Host Neal Conan talks with employers and potential employees about background checks — what hiring managers are looking for and where to draw the line.

'Hitler': A Short Biography
Adolf Hitler is arguably the most infamous figure in modern history. In a new biography, A.N. Wilson distills the key moments in his life into a mere 190 pages. His book, titled simply Hitler, traces the Nazi leader's life through the mundane and the murderous, and argues that even today many of our actions are a direct response to who Hitler was and what he represented. Host Neal Conan talks to A.N. Wilson about his latest biography and the lasting effects of Hitler's rise to power.

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