Radio Lab

Sundays at 10 a.m.
  • Hosted by Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich

Each hour we take a big idea, so big that it lives everywhere, hiding in a thousand places under different names, and we chase that idea, going wherever whim takes us. Along the way, hosts Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich interview, argue, imagine, and discover the hidden connections which make this idea so surprisingly powerful. And the sounds you hear are as new and startling as the ideas we explore. It's Technicolor radio. Radio Lab is produced by WNYC, New York and distributed by National Public Radio.

October 8:  NEW SHOW - NUKES

President Richard Nixon once boasted that at any moment he could pick up a telephone and - in 20 minutes - kill 60 million people.  Such is the power of the US President over the nation’s nuclear arsenal.  But what if you were the military officer on the receiving end of that phone call? Could you refuse the order?

October 15:  Radiolab Show 803 – Falling

There are so many ways to fall—in love, asleep, even flat on your face. This hour, Radiolab dives into stories of great falls. We jump into a black hole, take a trip over Niagara Falls, upend some myths about falling cats, and plunge into our favorite songs about falling.

October 22: Radiolab Show 1407 – Watching You, Watching Me

From awkward moments to practical jokes to serious attempts at battling crime, we ask whether being watched is a good or bad thing. First, a look at how watching others become one of the most ubiquitous forms of entertainment. Then, a hard look at the trade-off between privacy and safety.

October 29: Radiolab Show 1403 – I Hart K-Pop

First, we peer back at the moment when poking into the private lives of political figures became standard practice in the American media. Then, we travel to South Korea where the first-ever paparazzi photos turned the world of K-pop upside down and introduced sort of a puzzle…How much do you want to know about the people you idolize, and when is enough enough?

November 5: New Show – TBD

November 12: Radiolab Show 1302 – Jurisdiction

What do a duck hunt and a jealous spouse have in common? Just a profound effect on international relations and an existential struggle at the heart of how the US is governed. This hour of Radiolab, we ask who gets to set the rules for the rest of us -- from how the intentions of long-dead founding fathers still push and pull us today, to the front lines of a raging musical battle over the soul of hip-hop.

November 19: Radiolab Show 1406 – Donation and Mutation

Where do you find comfort after the death of a child? In this episode, we follow one couple as they discover a sense of purpose in an unlikely place: a clinical world where human parts are used for research. In this surprising journey, Ross and Sarah Gray gain a view of science that is redemptive, fussy facts that are tender, and parts of a loved one that add up to something unexpected.

November 26: Radiolab Show 1205 – Dead Reckoning

From a duel with the world's deadliest disease to a surprising peek into the way doctors think about death, in this hour Radiolab tries to reckon with the grim reaper. And, in the end, we confront the question at the heart of it all — when the time comes to finally leave, how do we want to go?