Technical Difficulties

Engineering Updates

KENW has now made this link available for our viewers to get information on any technical difficulties we may be experiencing.  This link will have continual feeds of issues which are informative to the public and our viewing area.

To report any difficulties you may be having with a KENW signal, please contact our engineering department at 1-888-367-5369 or by email at or

Infomation Regarding Buck Mountain Problems Near Ruidoso

We are now using a microwave link to Buck Mountain for KENW-TV digital service.  This is not the final microwave system that we plan to use, but we hope this system will provide better service until our permanent microwave system is completed.

Las Vegas, NM, FM Translator

This announcement is for our Las Vegas area listeners who receive KENW-FM on 107.1 MHz.  We have been notified that a new commercial FM station has been given a license by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to operate on our translator’s frequency.  The owner of this station said it would be coming on the air soon.  When that happens, we will have to shut our Las Vegas translator off.  Under FCC Rules translators are not protected and can be replaced by full power stations. Knowing this, the last time the FCC opened a window for filing applications for new FM stations was in 2010 and KENW-FM filed for 10 licenses in various cities around eastern New Mexico, including one for Las Vegas.  The competition is extreme for such licenses and we were able to obtain only four stations from the 10 applications.  Unfortunately, we were not successful in getting a license for Las Vegas.  You can be sure that when the FCC open another window for filing for FM licenses, we will once again apply for a licensed station in Las Vegas, if there is an available frequency.

In the meantime, we are hoping there is another frequency available in the Las Vegas area that the FCC will allow us to use for our translator.  We will try to keep you posted with updates here on our web site.  We are also going to try to move forward with streaming our audio on the web for those who have computers and smart phones.  We regret this happening to our Las Vegas translator, but it was totally beyond our control.