Technical Difficulties

Engineering Updates

KENW has now made this link available for our viewers to get information on any technical difficulties we may be experiencing.  This link will have continual feeds of issues which are informative to the public and our viewing area.

To report any difficulties you may be having with a KENW signal, please contact our engineering department at 1-888-367-5369 or by email at or

Regarding Buck Mountain Problems
We have contracted with a tower crew to assist our engineers in aligning microwave dishes from Tinnie, NM, to Buck Mountain.  They have promised to show up during the week of May 19th.  This will allow us to receive our Roswell TV signal at Tinnie and relay it to Ruck Mountain.  This should make the signal much more reliable at Buck Mountain.

We are having TV transmission problems at the Buck Mountain site which serves the Ruidoso area with both analog and digital TV.  Our engineers are working on finishing a microwave system that will bring our signal from our Roswell transmitter to Buck Mountain.  Currently we are receiving our signal for Buck Mountain from our Roswell transmitter directly off-the-air and that distance has proven to be too far for reliable service.  We deeply regret the problems this has caused in the Ruidoso area.  We hope to have a permanent solution in place very soon.